"David Knight Stage Hypnotist - Hypnosis with A Touch of Class!"

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David Knight - TV Hypnotist
Available for TV Hypnosis Shows and Productions

18 TV productions include:

The Big Breakfast
Alien Hand

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David Knight - Stage Show One
The Cruise Ship Hypnosis Show

2 x 45 minute shows suitable for the Cruise Ship Market.

David already works for:
Crystal Cruises
Celebrity Cruises
Azamara Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Princess Cruises
Carnival Cruises
Silver Seas

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David Knight - Stage Show Two
The Hypnotic Laughter Show

A show from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes suitable for Theatre, University and Corporate Events.

What The Venues Say!
"You never cease to amaze me!" James - Hull University
"Spellbinding night." Entertainment Officer - Coca Cola
"We have never seen anything like this before." - Ras Gas - Saudi Arabia
"Stunning entertainment." Clive - The Theatre Bar
"I will never use anyone else." John - Gala Bingo
"Yet again we were mesmerized by your performance."
 Ashley - Stone Chair Club
"Simply stunning." -John - Scarborough University
"After 15 shows here you were still mesmerising."
Lisa - Haworth Hotel
"I've never seen anything like that, amazing." Kevin - Crown Hotel
"In 25 years at this club we've never seen anything like you."
Mavis - Redcar Club
"Stunning performance." Anthony - Northallerton Forum Theatre
"A mesmerizing performance." London City University
"We've never had a Hypnotist at the club before but when David Knight performed we were mesmerised."
Frank - Greenside Club
"You'll be back." Dave - The Mainbrace
"Superb fun!" - Barry - Bar B's - Blackpool
"Best entertainment we have ever had at the club in 15 years." John - Haughton Rugby Club
"Outstanding performance." Mark - The Revolution - Edinburgh
"A great night, you'll be back." - Nathan - Nuneaton Football Club
"5 Times I' booked you, 5 times you've been excellent." Graham - Beverley Theatre
"Entertaining and the funniest show ever, you WILL be back in Nuneaton, I have to "Give You A Piece Of My Mind." 
Mark Palmer Event Organiser

David Knight is based in the UK and so show prices depend on world wide location, type of show required, use of visual back drop video, size of venue and length of show.

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