Learn Hypnotherapy with The British Academy of Hypnosis

The Hypnotherapy Home Study Course

This foundation hypnotherapy course is the starting point into the world of hypnosis.

There is no previous knowledge of hypnosis required to sign up to this diploma training course presented and regulated by David Knight and The British Academy of Hypnosis.

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David Knight
Master Hypnotist and Life Coach

Through the course you will be Mentored by World Class Coach and Master Hypnotist David Knight.

David Knight has performed over 8,000 hypnosis stage shows and training presentations in over 50 countries worldwide making David one of the most sought after trainers in the world.

Master Hypnotist and Life Coach.
Founder of The British Academy of Hypnosis.
Founder of The Hypnosis Circle.
Hypnosis Trainer for Tony Robbins.

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The Hypnosis Training Course Includes:
The history of hypnosis
The rules of the mind
How the mind works
The power of subconscious thinking
The hypnotic trance formula
The depths of hypnosis
Personality types
Understanding SMARTER Hypnosis and brain frequencies
How to use hypnotic techniques and language
Using imagery to take hypnosis deeper
The power of emotions with trance
The way to suggest ideas to help encourage behaviour change
Positive suggestions to make changes simple
Direct Suggestion Theory
Relaxation and Hypnotherapy personalised to the individual
Techniques and scripts for relaxation, breaking stress and anxiety
The power of hypnotic regression
Working with the Inner Child
Suggestibility and it's effects
Working with suggestibility
Modern Hypnosis Techniques
Changing the Genetic Code
Starting your own hypnotherapy business
Ongoing lifetime support for your business

You will learn the following techniques
The POWERMIND Hypnosis Strategy
Hypnotic techniques such as direct suggestion
Learn the power of regression, progression
Also learn hypnosis and NLP techniques such as anchoring and reframing

Hundreds of Course Applications
Hypnotherapy for weight loss, stopping smoking
Destroying all fears and phobias
Removing limiting beliefs
The Hypnotic Weight Loss Gastric Band and much, much more.

First Class Hypnosis Training and First Class Value
If you look around the Internet you will find that choosing a Hypnotherapy course can be a complicated matter. So many courses and so many different prices up to as much as £5,000.

Well, here at The British Academy of Hypnosis our online training programs mean we have no expensive property to maintain and no expensive tutors to pay as David Knight will be your trainer. Downloading all your course material is fast and very cost effective. Online training also mean no travel or time wasted. All this means our training programs offer high value for money.

The information contained with the course is comparable with other courses that cost in the thousands of pounds.

Our 4 month training program allows you to flow through the course simply and quickly giving you the knowledge you require to begin your hypnotherapy business guaranteed.

Once the course is complete the ongoing online support system offers you all the guidance you will need to build a successful hypnotherapy business.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose This Course.

1. David Knight - Master Hypnotist and Life Coach
David Knight has spend 30 years developing his skills as a Master Hypnotist, Life Coach and Master Trainer. David has made over 6,000 appearances on stages in over 50 countries performing shows and seminars around the world. David Knight is a trainer of trainers and a coach to top performers in the Tony Robbins Organisation. To be the best, learn from the best.

2. Home Study Training

Once purchased, you study at home and in your own time. You will receive full support from David Knight and The British Academy of Hypnosis guiding you through the program step by step in approximately 4 months.

3. On Line Hypnosis Conference Calls
Through the power of the Internet you will communicate with David Knight in person. David Knight will guide you through this incredible learning process step by step, where ever you are in the world. You will have direct access to David Knight by telephone, email and conference call facilities.

4. Full Ongoing Business Support
Once completed you will receive a diploma in hypnotherapy and you will be ready to begin your new hobby or business. You will then have the option to become a member of The Hypnosis Circle and receive continued support and coaching from David Knight as your business builds. Imagine the power of having one of the worlds greatest Coaches and Hypnotists supporting you and your business.

Hypnotherapy Conference Call Training
This hypnotherapy training course will be downloaded instantly and comes with video conference training to support your learning and to help you successfully complete the course quickly and easily.

Each month as you progress through the course you will receive a training video conference call to keep you on track.

Video conferencing is simple to use and free anywhere worldwide.

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A Free Training Consultation With David Knight
We want you to be 100% happy with the training program that you choose. We believe our training and support is first class but if you have any questions regarding this incredible online training program why not arrange an online conference call with David Knight. Contact us today by e-mail or telephone to arrange a free 30 minute conference meeting.

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New low price for January just £796 or 4 easy go payments of £199

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The Hypnosis Circle
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