Discover how the mind works and become a Master of Persuasion!

Create a future of Freedom.

Can you imagine if we could master the power of the mind and understand why people make the decisions they make. Discover why people buy products and why some people are leaders and some people just follow.

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This is the most powerful persuasion program available in the UK today!

There is no other information available which gives so much power on the true workings of the mind and how you can use this information to persuade!

This e-book has been written by a Master Hypnotist and a Master of Persuasion.

Life is about negotiating and there are always two options. You can negotiate the best job, the best house, the best car and the best price for every thing or you can just follow the rest of the people and have the stuff that is left after the best negotiators have taken what they wanted!

The power of persuasion will help you get a pay rise or a better job, build better relationship with friends or lovers, negotiate better deals on everything that you buy! You will become a stronger and more confident leader and discover how you can use these techniques to build a bigger and better business, earning more money and gaining financial freedom! The information in this program is GUARANTEED to amaze you and GUARANTEED to change your life!

This information will be PRICELESS to you and I GUARANTEE it will be one of the most important purchases you will ever make!

In this e-book you will discover how to become a Master Persuader! In the program you will learn how the mind filters information and how people use this information to make decisions about their future. Through the power of mind code we can evaluate how some one is thinking and so be one step ahead of them at any given moment!

Imagine if you could read the thoughts of your targets mind! This program will teach you how!

OK, I hear you saying it is impossible to read someone's mind and yes that is so, but if you can evaluate the way a person has thought in the past then you will know how they are likely to base any future decisions. You see we create our futures from our characters which are created from past events and thoughts. These thoughts will be the foundations to future thinking and are controlled by 16 natural desires.

This program begins by teaching you how the mind filters information. This allows you to predict future decisions. This is like having the power to read a persons mind!

The program will reveal to you the logic behind why people make decisions based on their 16 desires! Discover these desires and you are on your way to becoming a master persuader! With this program you will learn the true secrets to covert hypnosis and how suggestions work on the conscious and subconscious mind!

This information is unique and there is no program as powerful available anywhere else!
The Power of Persuasion!
The power of this e-book is amazing and is guaranteed to stun you!
This program will give you this information and all the tools you require to persuade! If you are looking to develop your powers of persuasion then this program is a must!

OK, there is a difference between persuasion and manipulation. IN NO WAY is this information meant to be used to manipulate others to do this that are not right so that you may gain! Remember what goes around comes around! Persuasion is always best when both parties are in a win - win situation.

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 In the program you will discover:

How the mind works
The 16 filters of the mind
The 16 mind codes of persuasion
9 ways of covert persuasion
The 13 most powerful words
Subliminal persuasion
Hypnotic suggestibility
Covert mind codes
Covert persuasion
Subliminal body language

6 Secrets of persuasive action
Guaranteeing your success
Subliminal leadership skills
Hypnotic words
Hypnotic advertising
Hypnotic speeches
Hypnotic conversations

and just so much more...

Become a persuader Today!
This e-book is worth thousands of pounds to those who use it and is available to download right now! You can have this course in your hands within minutes! This program has the power to change your life! Watch and feel your confidence boom as you become a Master of the mind.

This is exciting! Very exciting! You can purchase the program today and begin learning all about the powers of persuasion! Within hours you will be amazed at the secrets of persuasion and how easy it is for you to use them with guaranteed success! Once you have purchased the program you can download this 120 page information program right now!

For a limited time you can download this program at an amazing low price!

The Mind Persuader - Was £96
The Price for The Mind Persuader Today - Just £24

All our e-books come with a full 30 Day satisfaction guarantee.

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