David Knight Television and Stage Hypnotist

David Knight is the perfect choice for your TV production.

Over 30 years of professional hypnosis experience means that David has created a fast, powerful and strong hypnotic induction for personal life coaching and stage show work.

This means that when time is at the essence David Knight is the ultimate hypnotic performer.

Please contact David Knight Television Hypnotist for more information on a powerful hypnotic presenter for your TV program.

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David Knight Hypnotist

TV Hypnotist David Knight has worked for:
The BBC, Sky, Endemol, Daisy Beck Productions, Celador and Channel 4.

"Excellent fun." Graham Norton - TV Personality.
"Great Entertainment. He's a star!" - Frank Carson - Comedian.
"David Knight's show is the best laugh I have had without the pain and that's no BULL, Fantastic!" - Jim Bowen - Comedian.
"Great show David and I wish you well in all your ventures." - Richard Branson - Business Man.
"Great fun and super family entertainment!" - Syd Little - TV Personality. 
"Outrageous and totally amazing!" - Olivier Ellen - TV Reporter.
"Very, very spooky!" - Jilly Goolden - TV Presenter and wine expert.
"I cannot believe what David made me do on live TV, one of the greats." - Richard Bacon - TV Presenter.
"A great performer and lovely person." - Amanda Byram - TV Presenter.
"Just an amazing skill, brilliant." - Jerry Hall - Super Model and TV Personality.
"Super entertainment and a great entertainer." - Harvey Goldsmith - Promoter.
"Unbelievable skill, totally stunning!" - Oliver Skeet - Show Jumper.
"I was set up big style! Amazing fun!" - Terri Dwyer - Actress and TV Presenter.
"I cannot believe I sang my number one hit record in Martian on live TV!" - Kalli Bjarni - Pop Idol Winner.
"I am a huge fan of David who is an amazing performer and skilled artist!" - Tommy Sparks - Pop Artist.
"Super fun and just a great laugh." - Phil Tufnell - International Cricketer and TV Personality.

The Graham Norton Show
David Knight hypnotises the audience of the Graham Norton Show.

The hypnotised volunteers take part in a hypnotised quiz show.

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The First Ever Live TV Hypnosis Show!
David Knight's was the first Hypnotist to hypnotise a TV presenter live on breakfast television.

David hypnotised Richard bacon to present The Big Breakfast Live

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Hypnotic Memory Loss
David Knight hypnotises Jilly Goolden the BBC wine expert and removes her knowledge of wine!

Jilly was then sent sent on a booze cruise to France to buy drinks for a party! Oh dear!

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Kept - Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall is looking for TV Reality Television love. This wealthy, self confident jet setting supermodel is searching for an ideal younger man to become the perfect accessory to her life of luxury.

David Knight hypnotises all the prospects to discover who they really are!

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Mesmerized - The TV Show

David Knight was the Hypnotist who filmed the amazing TV game show mesmerized. The show was produced by Celador and was created by Graham Thornton and Rick Vanes.

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X Factor Winner

X Factor winner Kalli Bjarni was hypnotised by David Knight to perform his winning song on Breakfast TV. It's a shame he could only speak Martian!

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Alien Hand Syndrome Documentary

Alien Hand Syndrome occurs when the brain seems to disconnect from the hand and so the hand and arm appears to have a life of it's own.
David Knight showed what it would feel like not to have control of your hand.
Too weird to be made up!

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Groundhog Dates

A woman goes on 3 dates in order to find her ideal partner. What she doesn't know is that her memory of the dates was removed by David Knight and that it was the same man on all three dates.

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David Knight and Tommy Sparks.

David Knight Hypnotises volunteers to take part in a Tommy Sparks pop video.

(Behind The Scenes Video)

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Steve Hewlett - Ventriliquist


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Phil Walker - Comedian


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Ken Dodd - Legend!


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Syd Little - Little and Large


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Maxwell Plumm - Comedian

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Mick Millar - Comedian

Mick on Twitter

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Caroline Dennis - Pianist


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Paul Fredericks - Singer


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James Anthoney


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Katlyn Carr - Singer

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Derek Acorah - Medium


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David MacLean - Singer

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David Knight B.A.Hyp
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